S1-1 Pin or Pendant (w/beads or chain) garnet or amethist best
S1-2 Pendant (w/beads or chain) amethist, blue topaz, garnet or opal best
S2-1 Earings or Pendant Woman – Blue Topaz or Amethist best
S2-2 Pendant – amethist, garnet or yellow quartz best
S3-1, S3-2, S3-3 Rings in silver or 14kt gold
S4-1 Pendant – available with carnelian, moss agate, amber, etc.
S5-1 Pendant – opal, moonstone, amethyst best, pearl
S6-1 Ring or Pendant (w/chain or beads)
S7-1 Earings
S7-2 Necklace (w/chain or beads)
S8-1 Rose Stud Earings – silver or 14kt gold
S8-2 Fairy Stud Earings – silver or 14kt gold
S8-3 Frog Stud Earings – silver or 14kt gold
Celtic Cats – on chain
S10-1 Leaf Earrings
S10-2 Celtic Pendant
S11 Goddesses Pendant – on chain

Flamingo 18″

Fuzzy Cat 12″

Hedgehog 8″

Knight 13″

Large Cat 28″

Large Green Dragon 60″

Pirate 12″

Raven 16″

Red Chinese Dragon 20″

Red Fox 15″

Red Monkey 10″

Small Green Dragon 12″

Snowy Owl 21″

Three Headed Dragon 10″ tall (comes in red or blue)

Well Dressed Fox 14″

White Mouse 8″

Wolf 18″

M1 Celtic Mirror 9.5"

Celtic Mirror 9.5″

M3 Egyptian Flower Mirror 9"

Egyptian Flower Mirror 9″

M2 Egyptian Hawk Mirror 9"

Egyptian Hawk Mirror 9″

M9 Fairy Mirror 10"

Fairy Mirror 10″

M10 Fairy with Flower Mirror 10"

Fairy with Flower Mirror 10″

M4 Isis Mirror 9"

Isis Mirror 9″

M6 Large Lilly Mirror 12"

Large Lilly Mirror 12″

M7 Large Wisteria Tree Mirror 12"

Large Wisteria Tree Mirror 12″

M8 Lily Lady Mirror 9.5"

Lily Lady Mirror 9.5″

M5 Mermaid Mirror 10.5"

Mermaid Mirror 10.5″

D4 Art Noveau Lady Plate 9"

Art Nouveau Lady Plate 9″

D2 Fairy on Water Lily Dish 10.5"

Fairy on Water Lily Dish 10.5″

D1 Fairy Plate 9.5"

Fairy Plate 9.5″

D3 Mermaid Dish 4.5"

Mermaid Dish 4.5″

FG5 Dragon Pen Holder or Vase 4"

Dragon Pen Holder or Vase 4″

FG2 Purple Dragon Egg 4.5" FG3 Blue Dragon Egg 4"

Purple Dragon Egg 4.5″ & Blue Dragon Egg 4″

FG4 Red Dragon Egg 3.5"

Red Dragon Egg 3.5″

FG1 Sleeping Dragon Egg 3.5"

Sleeping Dragon Egg 3.5″

FG6 Sweet Gargoyle 4.5"

Sweet Gargoyle 4.5″

FG7 Winged Cat Gargoyle 5"

Winged Cat Gargoyle 5″

B2 Art Noveau Woman Box 2.5"

Art Nouveau Woman Box 2.5″

B8 Butterfly Art Noveau Peacock Lady Box 5"

Butterfly Art Noveau Peacock Lady Box 5″

B4 Cameo Box 5.5"

Cameo Box 5.5″

B9 Celtic Dragon Box 3"

Celtic Dragon Box 3″

B1 Celtic Sea Horse Box 2.5"

Celtic Sea Horse Box 2.5″

B5 Dancing Mermaid Box 3.5"

Dancing Mermaid Box 3.5″

B7 Rectangular Dragon Box 3"

Rectangular Dragon Box 3″

B10 Round Dragon Box 4"

Round Dragon Box 4″

B6 Round Peacock Box 3"

Round Peacock Box 3″

B3 Two Peacock Box 5.5" long

Two Peacock Box 5.5″ long

J1 Brown Daragon Journal 8"

Brown Daragon Journal 8″

J6 Brown Two Dragon Journal 8"

Brown Two Dragon Journal 8″

J4 Celtic Cross Journal 8"

Celtic Cross Journal 8″

J5 Dragon Castle Journal 8"

Dragon Castle Journal 8″

J2 Four Dragon Journal 8"

Four Dragon Journal 8″

J3 Warrioress Dragon Journal 8"

Warrioress Dragon Journal 8″

BK1 Art of Amy Brown Book #1 12"

Art of Amy Brown Book #1 12″

BK2 Art of Amy Brown Book #2 12"

Art of Amy Brown Book #2 12″

Celtic Cross Backpack 24″

Yellow Dragon Backpack 24″ & Blue Dragon Backpack 24″